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Veteran and Patriot owned. All of our products are American made and printed in our shop in North Central Kansas.

As patriots, we strive to live lives that resonate with patriots who share the common values of faith, family, and freedom; and to inspire, motivate, and enable others to attain a higher quality of life.

To Honor Freedom and Promote Patriotism in manner worthy of the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf.
FAITH: We do not check our faith at the door. It is the cornerstone of our lives, allowing us to live boldly, to lead strongly, inspiring us to serve others.
FAMILY: Recognized as the smallest unit of society, families play an important role in the success and security of our nation. If families fail, society suffers, our nation suffers: we fail. It is our duty to strengthen families, it is one of our greatest responsibilities.
FREEDOM: We believe freedom is innate to all people: we were made to be free. Freedom at its most basic level is the ability to choose, right or wrong. Ultimate freedom is exercised with great responsibility, in respect to the freedom of others. While a sovereign nation may grant certain freedoms to its people, for a nations constitution to recognize freedom as a natural born right, not granted by men, is rare – this we must preserve.
INTEGRITY: Living a life of integrity requires doing what’s right, from the seemingly-unimportant matters, to the most difficult of situations. Integrity is an essential character of good leadership, and the foundation of trust for those we live with, serve with, and those we serve.
SERVICE: Living a life of significance is not possible without also living a life of service.

Larry Asher

Larry Asher, President
In 1981, as a 17-year-old high school student, Larry joined the Ohio Army National Guard as an Armored Crewman, 19E, serving on an M48A5 tank. In 1984, he enlisted for active duty, headed to Ft. Knox, then Germany spending three years on the M60A3 series tank. After a short break in service, Larry was back in action finding his way to the 82nd Airborne Division, serving in A Company, 1/17th Cavalry, as a scout, 19D. Returning from Desert Storm, he volunteered for Army Special Forces, earned his Green Beret, and served with the 10th Special Forces Group. In the fall of 1995, following a military free fall accident, Larry was medically discharged from the Army.

Larry met and married his wife, Rene, in 1992. Together they have raised two boys: Jacob and Dale. Currently, they have two grandchildren Vincent and Francesca.

Following his discharge from the military, Larry earned a degree in computer science and has enjoyed a successful career in the engineering field. “I have had the fortune of working as a part of several great management teams.” Those professional experiences, Larry says, “afforded me significant management opportunities which I hope to be able to share with our team, and leverage as TruPatriot navigates the waters of becoming a lifestyle brand.”

Despite his military and professional commitments, the family has always been priority number one for Larry. After the Army, while his boys were young, life was all about running, fishing, hunting, playing music, grabbing some big air in BMX, and “just doing life together” with his wife and sons (we won’t talk about the “getting his butt kicked in fishing by Rene” part, but that also happened). Today, with his sons grown and out of the house, Larry’s life has taken on a runner’s pace; “Running is the time I can just put one foot in front of the other, let my mind wander, reflect on life, and just be thankful for all of the Lord’s blessings,” he says.

Dale Asher

Dale Asher, Vice President
From a young age, Dale has wanted to be involved in business. His first endeavor was in his early teens when he and his brother started a small skateboard business. Spending time outdoors was also a passion; many mornings and evenings were spent checking trap lines and hunting. He also enjoyed physical activities, including football and boxing. Creating and building projects by hand was one of his favorite ways to pass the time. After graduating high school, Dale let his passion for creating and hard work lead him to a welding career to include TIG and MIG. After several years, he enjoyed it, and he was ready to start his own business again and began TruPatriot with his Father in 2018. It has been an amazing ride since, and he has been able to utilize his experiences in production and passion for learning to help develop and streamline TruPatriot.

“Every Leader is a servant, and every servant is a leader.”

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