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American Strong

History has shown the melting pot of the United States has came together time and again throughout countless attacks and diseases to move forward together. Whether is was abolishing slavery, the attack on Pearl Harbor, Changing our ways and supporting our Vietnam Veterans, 9/11, Boston Marathon Bombing, and most recently the Corona Virus Pandemic. In every instance American became stronger and when American Industry needed to adapt and change to support World War II, we made that change. When we realized we had left our Vietnam Veterans behind we came together with a new support for them. When 9/11 happened we entered a Global War on Terror with a relentless attack since 2001 and made sure that the world knew if anyone thought they could attack us on our own soil that they would pay deeply for it. With yellow ribbons hanging in front of innumerable houses and trees around the towns and cities we see American Strength.

It's time for us to come together again. In the past we have came together and put aside our differences to unite as a nation. The ribbon is a sign of remembrance and support for a cause. This ribbon holds the colors of our Nation as we support and remember that we are “ American Strong” and together we can overcome any challenge set before us.