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US Navy Rattlesnake Jack

Written by Larry Asher


Posted on October 11 2019

US Navy Rattlesnake Jack

by Larry Asher TruPatriot, President

Recently we were asked about designing a shirt around the US Navy’s Rattlesnake Jack. We were excited to undertake this task, seeing it as a great addition to our Veteran Inspired Collection. As we worked through the design and release, we learned a few things and had a great experience.

We love the historical aspect that is incorporated into many of our designs, this one did not disappoint.

“The United States Navy originated as the Continental Navy, established early in the American Revolution by the Continental Congress by a resolution of 13 October 1775. There is a widespread belief that ships of the Continental Navy flew a jack consisting of alternating red and white stripes, having the image of a rattlesnake stretched out across it, with the motto "Don't Tread on Me." That belief, however, rests on no firm base of historical evidence.” (Naval History and Heritage Command)

As we neared the release of the Rattlesnake Jack design, we learn of a World War II veteran of the Navy, George Campbell. He celebrated his 102nd birthday, yesterday, October 10, 2019. George had made a request of hoping to receive 102 birthday cards. We wanted to help make his birthday special, we held off the release of the Rattlesnake Jack for a few days, so that we could get the first one out to George.

It seems that we were not alone in wanting to make Georges birthday special, we didn’t expect to be. George received over 2000 cards and gifts from around the world. We are proud of all the patriots that stepped up and helped to make his birthday memorial.

Wherever we go, we know we are not alone – you are there with us. We thank you for your support and the common desire we share to Honor Freedom and Promote Patriotism.

george campbell birthday

george campbell birthday

You can learn more about George’s story here

Happy Birthday to the US Navy and Happy Birthday to George!



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